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Valentine's Day Inspired Home Finds

Finds for your home that we know you'll love!

These days, with 2 kids and full-time jobs in tow, Valentine's Day looks pretty much like every other day. If we're lucky, we remember what day it is, I make sure we have red wine at home, and my husband scrambles to find a bouquet of flowers.

But there is one thing I always do around Valentine's Day. I buy a little something to feel pampered - mostly because it's mid-February and we're all looking for something to brighten our days - but also because it's a fun excuse to care for myself!

Design: Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design Photo: Laurey Glenn

Here is a roundup of some of my favorite Valentine's Day treats to make you and your home feel a little extra special and loved this Valentine's Day.

An Excuse to Care for You & Your Home

Have a blanket that is just for you.

Add a LAFCO candle or diffuser to your bathroom and you won't regret it.

This wine bucket will up your hosting game and add an element of elegance to any gathering. And it's only $12!

A SCOUT tote is a girl's best friend. I just love this gingham pink one!

Every home and pair of feet need a warm, cozy pair of slippers. These are my favorite - durable, non-slip & comfortable. Comes in pink too!

One for You & One to Share

No matter how you celebrate Valentine's Day this year, make sure you take time to celebrate those you love and to treat yourself to something you love. It's always fun to have an excuse to pamper and to be pampered!

Design: Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design Photo: Jeff Herr Photo
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