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Neutral Palette for the Entire Home

There's something serene and comfortable with neutrals. There's no competing or overachieving. Neutrals are timeless and classic.

Neutral doesn't necessarily mean white.

In fact, white can be stark and cold at times. Neutrals are soft and warm, filled with beige, browns and gold. Think marble, texture and natural wood.

Here are examples of elegant and timeless neutral designs for every room in your home. Shop some of my favorite neutral styles below too!

Primary Bedroom

Design: Sarah Butler Interiors
Design: Maggie Griffin Design / Photo: Ashlee Culver House Photo
Design: Melissa Ervin Interior Design / Photo: Julia Lynn Photography
Design: Mark D. Sikes Interiors


Design: Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design / Photo: Birmingham Home & Garden
Design: Pillar and Peacock / Photo: Victoria Pewitt
Architect: James F Carter Architect / Photo: Jean Allsopp
Design: Maison Studios / Architect: Chapman Architecture
Architect: Kate Mabry / Interior Design: Emily Wyatt / Photo: Jeff Herr Photo
Design: Grace Brackman Design / Photo: Brian Bieder

Dining Rooms

Design: Caroline Willis and William B Litchfield / Photo: Emily Followill Photographer
Design: Georgia Street Design / Photo: DP Photo

Bathroom Suites

Design: Kelly Neely Interiors / Photo: Jean Allsopp
Design: Kelly Neely Interiors / Photo: Jean Allsopp
Design: Lynn Allen Design / Photo: Jean Allsopp

Living Areas

Design: Caroline Willis / Photo: Jeff Herr Photo
Design: Jane Schwab Interiors / Architect: C. Brandon Ingram
Design: Susan B Bozeman Designs / Construction: Revival Construction Atlanta / Photo: Jeff Herr
Design: Emi K. Mason


Design: Betsy Anderson Interiors
Design: R Higgins Interiors / Architect: Catherine Sloan Architect / Photo: Adrienne Figueroa Photography / Builder: Cook Builders Nashville
Design: Hillary Taylor Interiors / Photo: Lindsay Salazar Photography
Design: Katherine B Melvin
Architect: Patrick Ahearn Architect / Photo: Richard Mandelkorn
Design: Susan B Bozeman Designs / Architect: Norman Askins / Photo: Emily Followill Photographer

Outdoor Living

Architect: Garrett P Nelson / Photo: MB Productions
Design: Beth Webb / Photo: Emily Followill Photographer
Design: Jessica Bradley Interiors / Architect: Frank Neely Design / Photo: Emily Followill Photographer
Design: Don Easterling and Nina Long / Architect: C Brandon Ingram

Exterior Design

Architect: Garrett P Nelson Studio / Photo: MB Productions
Design: Tori Rubinson Interiors / Photo: David Tsay / Door & Shutter Color: SW Anew Gray (SW 7030)
Photo: Cover Me In Ivy / House Paint: BM Swiss Coffee / Shutters and Doors: BM Revere Pewter

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