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Laundry Rooms

Why not make it fun!

Wallcoverings, flooring and paint are three easy ways to make your laundry room beautiful without giving up the necessary utility of the room.

Design: Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design / Photo: Jeff Herr Photo

Design the space to match your family's lifestyle. Include a bar for hanging clothes and area for folding, if space allows. I also love the seamless integration of a space for the family dog.

Design: Ashley Hanley Photo: Kip Dawkins Photo

Wallcoverings are perfect for a laundry room. It's a fun way to add cheer to the every day chores.

Design: Johnson Vann Interiors / Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography

Don't be afraid to keep it neutral if color isn't your thing. I love this wallcovering and faucet finish combination for a more elegant look.

Design: Leah Bailey Interiors / Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography

Save yourself the hassle of storing an ironing board by adding a shallow cabinet with it attached. It will add immediate function, organization and beauty to your laundry room.

Design / Photo: Amy Berry Interior Design

Another example of seamless integration for your four legged best friend.

Design: Katie Gibson Interiors / Photo: Mary Craven Photography

Ah, this one makes me happy. Brighten up the room with fresh paint, wallcoverings and beautiful blooms. You may actually want to do laundry!

Design: Anne Pearson Design / Photo: Dustin Peck Photography

It's hard to believe this elegant room is a laundry room. But it is! The faucet steals the show but I also love the window above the sink that allows natural light to flood into the room.

Design / Photo: Marie Flanigan Interiors

This well-designed room provides natural light, storage, bar for hanging clothes and a pop of freshness.

Design: Robin Gannon Interiors / Photo: Michael J Lee Photography

Whether you are looking to update an existing home or are designing a new build, don't underestimate the benefit of adding function and beauty to the laundry room. It will add organization and ease to your life and may even be a bright spot in your day!

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