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Lake Home Inspiration

It's that laid back, come on in feel you get the minute you lay eyes on the lakeshore.

Photo: Helen Norman for Southern Living Magazine

As I was writing this post I was reminded of the reason why so many of us claim our best childhood memories at the lake. And it's not because of the perfect gourmet kitchens our grandmother's had or our childhood best friend's magazine worthy living rooms.

Lake homes are about the outdoors. The sunsets, the dock jumping, the boating, the nights around a campfire.

So while this post does include some inspiring interior photos, it primarily hones in on the natural elements of lake home living and the inspiring moments it gives us.

Design: Ridgeline Construction Group / Photo: Landino Photo
Design: Maggie Griffin Design / Photo: Brian Bieder

The heart of the home is still the kitchen even, and maybe especially, at the lake. These family friendly, homey kitchens are sure to make you feel right at home.

Photo 1: Ridgeline Construction Group / Photo 2: Design: Whitney Durham Interiors/Photo: Laura Negri Childers Photo 3: Design: Maggie Griffin Design/Photo: Brian Bieder

There's always that room that makes you want to curl up with a good book and a fresh cup of coffee. Here are a few inspiring me to do just that!

Design/Photo: Maggie Griffin Design
Design/Photo: Katherine B Melvin

Is it against the law to have a lake house without a swing? It should be!

Design: Whitney Durham Interiors / Photo: Laura Negri Childers

Primary bedroom retreat filled with natural light, earth tone colors and beautiful patterns.

Design: Maggie Griffin Design / Photo: Brian Bieder

And have you ever seen anything more beautiful? I can't get over this timeless copper soaking tub.

Design/Photo: Build Cooper Jones

Details that reflect the beauty and ease of the outdoors.

Photo 1: Design: LCH Interiors/Photo: Laurey W Glenn / Photo 2: Design: Dirk Walker Art/Photo: Seibels Cottage / Photo 3: Design: Maggie Griffin Design/Photo: Brian Bieder

The sweetest banquette and cozy corner.

Photo: Jean Allsopp for Birmingham Home and Garden

We spend enough time in front of our computers and keeping a schedule. Let the lake be a place to step away, get outside and slow down.

Design: Pfeffer Torode Architect / Photo: McGinn Photography

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