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A Welcoming Entrance

Elevate your home's charm with a welcoming entry gate.

Green Landscaping | Jean Allsopp Photography


Curb Appeal

Whether it’s a side or backyard entry, gates provide beautiful curb appeal and enhance guests first impression of your home.

Design Considerations

Like everything in a home, there are choices when it comes to the type of gate you choose. So much of it depends on your stage of life - whether you live in the city, suburbs or country, have small children or dogs, need privacy and security, or just want to add curb appeal to your home.

Here are three items to consider when choosing a gate:

1. Choosing the Design | Play up your home's existing curves and style to make it look like it's always been there
2. Choosing the Material | Weigh maintenance, cost and existing materials on your home
3. Elements of Privacy and Security | With the right design and padlock, you don't have to give up charm for a little extra safety

How to Get Started

Getting started can be overwhelming. First, narrow down the design. See garden gate design inspiration from G&G Designs . Second, determine your family's needs and whether security is a primary factor. For parents with young children, consider placing the handle high or adding a latch that is difficult for young kids to open. And third, reach out to a local carpenter or work with a landscape architect or designer to finalize the design and source the gate.

Tip: If you're working with an interior designer, they may have a source for building the gate. Remember to ask about installation too!
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