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Design Inspiration: Staircase Runner

I just love the warmth that carpet can bring to a home and the staircase is no exception.

After slowly working on this post over the past few weeks, it's finally here. Y'all have been so patient! This post is all about creating a design experience on your staircase.

I've included the brand, style and color of the carpet when they're available. I hope you find this to be a helpful resource of inspiration for your own home.

Design: Lauren E Laine Interiors / Brand: Stark Carpet
Photo 1: Stanton Adonis / Photo 2: Design: Carol F Land / Photo 3: Stanton Bungalow
Design: Wolfe Design House
Photo 1: Stanton Pivot Slate / Photo 2: Stanton Pioneer Key / Photo 3: Stanton Bravo Khaki
Design: Anne Anderson Home/Brand: Stanton Tillary Fountain
Photo 1: Melissa Cutler Interiors/Stanton Tillary Fountain / Photo 2: Stanton Matisse Seaside / Photo 3: Stanton Bungalow
Photo 1: Stanton Royce Pearl / Photo 2: Stanton Matisse Blue Sky / Photo 3: Stanton Matisse Champagne
Photo 1: Gretchen Black/Stark Midland Aqua / Photo 2: Stanton Rapture Deep Sea / Photo 3: Stanton Las Palmas Denim
Design: Sophia Shibles Interiors / Brand: Stanton Adonis Mediterranean
Design: Whitney Sturge Interiors / Brand: Stanton Mirage Cheetah Barley
Brand: Stanton Rosecore Matelasse
Design: Amy Kartheiser Design / Brand: Stanton Barklie Honeyoak
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