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Beach Home Inspiration

While I sit here on this cold, winter day, I'm daydreaming about summer days.

Photo: Ellis Creek Photography

This post is inspired by all the places I love to visit and those that I hope to visit one day.

Design: Charleston Architect / Photo: Hadley James Homes (Kiawah Island, South Carolina)

All across the Southeast are pockets of beach towns with their own personalities and cultures but one thing ties them all together -- sunshine, salt water and lasting memories.

Design: Southern Grace Interiors / Photo: Newport653 (Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina)

Front porches are a must-have.

Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography (Sea Island, Georgia)
Design: Maggie Griffin Design / Photo: Brian Bieder

Laid-back family room with built-in fun and room for everyone.

Photo 1: Circa Lighting / Photo 2: Ellis Creek Photography / Photo 3: Sidney Wagner Designs / Margaret Wright

Neutral colors, layered textures and thoughtfully designed nooks give coziness a new meaning.

Design: Anne Pearson Design / Photo: Dustin Peck Photography
Photo 1: Spring Island, SC / Photo 2: Maggie Griffin Design / Brian Bieder / Photo 3: Archetype Interior Design / Ellis Creek Photography

Warm textures, tall ceilings and large dining tables.

Photo 1: Cumulus Architecture / Ellis Creek Photography / Photo 2: Heather Chadduck / Laurey W Glenn / Photo 3: Spring Island, SC
Design: Maison Studios / Photo: Hector M Sanchez Photo
Design: Leah Bailey Interiors / Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography
Photo 1: Olivia T.M. Brock / Photo 2: Leah Bailey Interiors / Kelli Boyd Photography / Photo 3: Kara Miller Interiors / Brantley Photo
Design: LCH Interiors / Photo: Laurey W Glenn

Primary suite to retreat to after a long day in the sun.

Design: LCH Interiors / Photo: Laurey W Glenn
Photo 1: Suzanne Kasler / Emily Followill Photographer / Photo 2: Heather Dewberry / Jessie Preza

I could do a whole blog post on bunk rooms but here are a few of my favorites.

Design: Heather Chadduck / Photo: Laurey W Glenn

Sophisticated enough for teens and adult guests but fun enough for kids of all ages.

Design: Summer Thornton Design / Photo: Thomas Loof
Design: Allison Elebash Interiors / Photo: Julia Lynn Photography
Photo 1: Maggie Griffin Design / Brian Bieder / Photo 2: KS McRorie Design / Photo 3: Kipling House Interiors / Jessie Preza / Photo 4: Fran Keenan / Ali Harper
Design: Ashley Cortese Designs / Photo: Carolyn Allen Photography

Happy hour just got happier.

Design: Ashley Cortese Designs / Photo: Carolyn Allen Photography

A backyard oasis.

Design: Kara Miller Interiors / Photo: Brantley Photo

Beach-inspired details that add personality and texture.

Design: McDonald Architects / Photo: Chris Smith

The perfect place for morning coffee.

Design: Heather Chadduck / Photo: Laurey W Glenn
Photo: Kelli Boyd Photography (Saint Simons Island, Georgia)

As I reflect on the memories made at the beach over the years, I'm thankful for the beach towns, homes and people who have opened their doors and hearts and invited me in.

Design: Cumulus Architecture / Photo: Ellis Creek Photography (Kiawah Island, South Carolina)

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